• Westlake provides unparalleled insight into China related company/industry trends through proprietary channel check reports, custom research/surveys and expert network services. As the only U.S. domiciled primary research provider focusing exclusively on Greater China, our teams in both US and China work 24/7 to rapidly respond to customer projects.

  • Our founder, Ellen Tao Huang (a Chinese citizen with over two decades of U.S. experience), is uniquely qualified to lead teams to hone poignant/compliant research questions and vet top industry sources to best respond to client Greater China project requests in a detailed, efficient, customized, and timely manner.

  • Our leadership has nearly four decades of combined industry and investment experience across multiple industry sectors. They understand client's needs. Their backgrounds provide an enhanced customer interaction differentiated from the "relationship manager" interface at most competitors.

  • The industry dynamics and development in China and Taiwan are of increasing importance to U.S. investors due to the:

    • Growing list of Chinese ADR's

    • Relative outperformance of Chinese TMT and energy ADRs

    • Significant global technology design and manufacturing activities in Taiwan and China

    • Global commodity implications of Chinese demand and policies

    • Record levels of direct investment in Greater China.

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