At Westlake International, we are committed to help institutional investors and consultancies ethically & rapidly find hard-to-get answers to proprietary questions relating to Chinese industries/companies and their impact on the global industries like technology, industrials and basic materials.

We accomplish this through Greater China focused research, channel checks & expert services across a wide variety of verticals and specialties. Our proprietary, on-the-ground Greater China network includes middle managers, private business owners, consultants, bureaucrats, academics and more.

This just-in-time delivery of primary research provides tailored insights into the demand, investment opportunities and competitive threats of one of the world's fastest growing markets. Our services essentially enable our investment clients to capitalize on new market trends and opportunities.

Latest Reports
China Online Advertising (BIDU,Tencent,WB,MOMO, IQ): healthy 1Q digital ad budget trends & Toutiao Douyin disrupting the short video market
April 5, 2018
China eCommerce: solid 1Q BABA & JD (excl apparel) GMV growth; aggressive new retail effort
March 26, 2018
Handset semi: 1Q handset demand showing signs of recovery among Chinese OEMs (QCOM,SWKS,AVGO, QRVO,2454.TW)
March 13, 2018
Asian Hardware: balanced LCD demand-supply and upcoming 3D sensing/under-glass fingerprint momentum
March 13, 2018
China Online Advertising: more granularity around solid 4Q17 & healthy 2018 digital ad outlook (BIDU, Tencent, WB, MOMO)
February 5, 2018
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