Westlake International has helped institutional investors stay abreast of meaningful / timely drivers impacting Chinese sectors and companies since its founding in 2008. We continue to provide our clients with a wide array of Greater China focused primary research, including limited distribution technology and China Internet research reports, channel check, custom research/survey and field check services across a wide variety of verticals and specialties.

Our limited-distribution technology and China Internet primary research reports, first rolled out in 2013, were a response to both compliance professional supervisory concerns and investment professional demand. With a fundamental research approach, our primary research uncovers industry dynamics and reaches investment conclusions by utilizing our survey data, various 3rd-party data and expert feedback. These research and services seamlessly package:

Selection of meticulously chosen technology and Internet industry professionals from both compliance and industry experience perspectives

Constantly updated / legally compliant list of pertinent industry questions

Consultations with survey participants to flesh out qualitative issues around meaningful trends

Screen and applications of most relevant 3rd party data for investment themes and pressing issues of covered companies

Latest Reports
China adv: expert feedbacks on BIDU healthcare structured data & near-term ROI impact
June 6, 2019
China eComm: the signs of eCommerce sales recovery from Mar, despite modest 1Q growth deceleration
May 6, 2019
China Adv/video (MOMO, IQ,Tencent,BABA): solid 1Q MOMO biz, strong online video subscriber growth but soft online video ad trends
April 30, 2019
China adv (BIDU,Tencent, WB):ad spending remains cautious NT but will likely recover in 2H19 (albeit continuous softness in video ads)
April 30, 2019
Asian HW: strong under-glass fingerprint/multi-cam adoptions & improving large LCD demand/supply/pricing (2382.HK,1478.HK, 000725.SZ)
April 18, 2019
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