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Our Greater China expert network consists of middle managers, private business owners, private equity investors, consultants, academics and others. In a real time manner, we match the expertise of our network members with the consultation needs of institutional clients (hedge funds, mutual funds, private equity investors, family offices, boutique investment banks, and their advisors).

Benefits experts derive from joining the Westlake network include :


   1) earn consulting fees

   2) flexibility and convenience

   3) impacting industry (interact with business          leaders, financial decision makers and             other industry professionals)

   4) networking and

   5) confidentiality

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  • Personal information (biography, contact information, consultations, etc.) for Westlake network experts is kept confidential. We only share anonymous biographical information followed by contact information with institutional clients seeking to fulfill specific consulting needs. Our institutional clients agree in writing not to disclose information about our network experts to third parties. We stress to both clients and experts the need to avoid conflicts of interest. Consultations are geared towards general industry questions or specific product trends. Experts are not asked to comment about non-public information on their employers or other relationships.

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