Custom Research & Surveys

Our custom projects begin with a client consultative process, clarifying the research request and pinpointing the optimal services (custom survey, custom channel check, China trip planning, or industry / company due diligence). Where surveys/channel checks are the most optimal solution, we develop (with client feedback) a customized framework for survey/channel check planning (developing a poignant and legally compliant list of pertinent questions / datapoints, highlighting types of experts/consultants/industry sources to be queried, structuring a timetable, and determining the format for delivery of final/ongoing reports). The client then gets a chance to vet the plan and anticipated sources prior to making a final research commitment. For industry / company due diligence, we speak to most suitable experts in our network in addition to our in-house research effort to deliver the final report.

  • A fast-growing domestic baby formula company only reports earnings twice a year. Our custom research uncovered more timely business trends - including real-time demand trends, market acceptance for its latest products and prospects for growth peaking out for its 1st stage baby formula product line.

  • A Chinese online search and security product company grows rapidly from 2011 to 2013, grabbing sizable market share from the incumbent player. We helped a client identify its rapidly rising penetration rate among advertising agencies, revenue-per-click trends and other indicators periodically to gauge its business trends.

  • China's burgeoning SUV sector experienced healthy growth. Our custom survey helped a client uncover real-time demand trends from distributors across China for a leading SUV manufacturer. We continue to check channel inventory, wait-list-time and other sales indicators on a monthly basis to help the client confidently steer through macro noise in this fast growing industry.

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